We drive the reading public - to your book! Marketing and Branding on Search Engines and on Social Media.

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We drive the reading public - to your book!
We Market and Brand on Search Engines. + We Market and Brand on Social Media.

Substance Books is already Search Engine Optimized, and therefore will be able introduce your book to new readers without your own site being optimized or even the need for you to have a website.
Watch the video above explaining how Substance Books will drive traffic to your title.
Take advantage of Substance Books' already achieved SEO results. This site is already on the first page of major engines under thousands of book related key phrases. Hire our publicity team to reach your targeted audience the easy way. Detailed breakdown of campaigns.

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Online Book Publicity is now fully sponsored by Substance Books No Ads. No Affiliations. We are here to:
- support independent and small-press authors and their publications
- reclaim "lost" traffic from Social Networks and direct it to the online distributors of our members. This is achieved by using long-tail Search Engine Marketing techniques
- provide members with relevant and helpful information, tips and articles.

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